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Panama Canal Backed Up

UPS Drivers Earn How Much???

In this week’s “make you say WOW” moment, UPS’ CEO shared that their drivers will average $170K in salary and benefits with the new deal structure.

Where does one apply to become a UPS driver? Asking for a friend…

Panama Canal Backed Up

As if a global pandemic over the last three years, port worker strikes in Western Canada, supply issues due to climate crisis weren’t enough, ships travelling through the Panama Canal are experiencing delays of around 21 days (!!!) due to water restrictions implemented by the Panamanian government due to drought.

Is Cheap Manufacturing On the Way Out?

We’ve written about how many manufacturers are starting to move supply chain elements away from over-reliance on Asia, but now a new trend is emerging…young workers don’t want to work in factories.

It’s costing more and more to attract workers to make that fast-fashion garment or that smartphone in your pocket, as wages for factory workers in Vietnam have doubled since 2011.

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