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Sony and Microsoft: The Two Leading Names in Gaming

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Santa is not to blame for the lack of video games this holiday season, it’s the people. Both Sony and Microsoft have released new gaming consoles this year, making it hard for stores to keep their shelves stocked.

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With the new console releases, Sony’s Playstation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, the Playstation is cheaper, making it the harder find of the two. However, both companies received record sales the first weeks after they released their consoles, selling more than two million each, more than any other gaming consoles.

With such strong sales, it seems that there may be only two names left in the gaming world at the end of the day. Nintendo’s Wii U hasn’t completely fallen away, coming in at a steady third place. However, it did not bring in the sales as the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One did, and putting the company on edge.

The demand for both Sony and Microsoft’s consoles flooded the gaming world after gamers were promised more powerful hardware systems, excellent graphics, and superb effects that would change the face of gaming forever. After seeing the consoles fly off the shelves, morale is restored for gaming companies everywhere after they all suffered the hits of more affordable games and free apps that come with smartphones and tablets.

Nintendo, who also tried to make up for the hit they took because of smartphones and tablets, incorporated a touch screen into their Wii U’s controller that backfired in the name of sales and numbers. After the bump in unit sales, the company had to lower the price of the Wii U much sooner than it did with the Wii to keep up with Sony and Microsoft.

While Nintendo had a disappointing release of the Wii U, the staying power of the consoles will be tested next year. Will people return to their smartphones and tablets? Alternatively, will Sony and Microsoft take control of the gaming world once again? [/show_to]

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