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Survey Reveals Millenial Generation Have Different Preferences Than Their Seniors

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If you’re investing in advertising efforts aimed at reaching the coveted age group of 18-34 year olds, you may want to reconsider your television and radio ads. According to a new survey conducted by Harris International on behalf of the on demand music streaming app Stitcher, Millenials are turning to on demand music and television, primarily because they have no patience for watching or listening to commercials.

The study revealed that 60 percent of Americans believe AM/FM radio will be completely dead within the next five years. Among Millenials, 71 percent believe this to be true. Additionally, 18-34 years expressed a preference for on demand viewing and listening due to the abundance of commercials in programming and the ease and convenience of on demand streaming.

The 18-34 age group is two times more likely to watch TV on demand than those in the 35-54 age group, and are also two times more likely to listen to on demand music, such as Stitcher, Pandora, or MP3s. The survey indicated that 81 percent of all American adults always or usually watch on demand TV, as opposed to traditional programming.

Mobile streaming apps and devices are driving this trend, allowing Americans to have more of a say so about what they watch and hear, and when they do it. Our on the go society is losing patience with canned programming that forces commercials and dictates what people watch and when.

Additional factors driving this trend include DVRs, which allow viewers to control what they watch, when they watch, and offer them the ability to fast forward past the commercials. Advertisers in this new age of on demand programming are going to be forced to find alternative means of advertising to consumers. Many companies are investing in mobile advertisements, sponsoring mobile apps, and other online resources to counteract this downward trend in consumer viewing of preset programming.

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