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Survey Shows Interesting Results in Salaries for Procurement Professionals

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The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) just released their annual study regarding pay for professionals within the supply chain. Overall, salaries (including regular pay and bonuses, but excluding the value of benefits packages) were up slightly for the year 2012. The average salary for professionals in the supply chain was $103,700. There was a 6.7 percent rise in pay between 2010 and 2011, but a meager 1.5 percent increase between 2011 and 2012.

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78 percent of the 885 respondents reported an increase in salary, 17 percent reported no increase or decrease, and 5 percent experienced a decline in pay. Declines are explained in one of several ways: the company may have decreased the amount of bonuses paid, the employee might have taken a lower paying job at another company, or the employer might have raised salaries.

Across the recent years, pay for procurement professionals remains relatively flat. However, the real story is in the gap between what male employees in this industry earn in relation to their female counterparts. At the chief procurement officer level, men received an average salary of $303,000, compared to an average salary for female CPOs of $122,875. Among professionals at the vice president level, men received $226,499 compared to the $197,125 earned by females.

The gap continued at the director level, where men received $148,253 compared to $133,128 earned by women. At the manager level, men earned $106,183 compared to $95,015 for women. Experienced supply practitioners earned $82,885 if male compared to $70,096 if female. The gender gap was evident all the way down to entry-level positions, where men took home $53,173 compared to $50,474 by their female associates.

Even when ISM factored the level of experience into the equation, the gap in pay remained. There was no area in the survey where the gender gap in pay is closing. [/show_to]

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