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Swedish Breakthrough in EV Battery Production

Swedish Breakthrough in EV Battery Production

Swedish battery startup, Northvolt, has reportedly developed an EV battery made of sodium-ion that doesn’t involve in-demand and expensive materials that current batteries require (e.g. lithium-ion batteries).

This breakthrough could solve the constraints posed by current battery production requirements and cut the costs of production as well.

Is Stellantis Importing Foreign Workers?

The Stellantis Canadian-tax-payer funded battery plant is reportedly said to be importing temporary foreign workers from South Korea at their new EV battery plant in Windsor, Ontario.

The construction of the plant is a joint venture between Stellantis and LG Energy Solutions, which could explain this.

Sugar Prices Surging

Global sugar prices have been surging due to climate effects due to El Nino causing dry weather in India and Thailand, the largest sugar exporters.

If your business relies on understanding sugar pricing, then you’ll want to know how to understand climate effects on sugar pricing here.

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