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Olive Garden Introduces First Food Truck in Boston

Olive Garden Introduces First Food Truck in Boston
Image via Flickr by JeepersMedia

Food trucks are trending in the U.S. People love the convenience and unique flair that they offer. You can now find food truck vendors is almost all major cities on any given day. Many cities even host food truck events where you can go to grab a meal. One company that didn’t want to miss out on the profits offered by food trucks is Olive Garden. They opened their first food truck in Boston.

People in Boston love authentic Italian food, especially in the North End where there are tons of food trucks. However, they weren’t expecting competition from restaurant giant Olive Garden. They showed up with a food truck giving out samples of breadstick sandwiches, one of their new menu items. The side of the Olive Garden food truck says, “Italian Kitchen” and “Breadstick Nation.”

The launch was covered by NPR through a podcast. However, food trucks don’t have to worry too much, because Olive Garden doesn’t have plans to stay in one location very long. They plan to travel around the country to show off new menu items with their food truck. It’s more of a marketing and advertising tactic than a method to make money.

Unique challenges come with operating food trucks. There is very limited storage and prep space inside the trucks, which means they require careful inventory planning. Of course, it’s extremely difficult to plan for the demand because food trucks don’t stay in the same place every day and choosing a good location to park and set up business is tricky. You also must be aware of the laws on where you can set up shop. Most of the time, you must seek out permission from the owner of private property. These are all things that Olive Garden will have to work out on their food truck tours.

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