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AI Used in EV Battery Tech Research

AI Used in EV Battery Tech Research

Last week, we wrote about Swedish battery startup, Northvolt, that has reportedly developed an EV battery made of sodium-ion that doesn’t involve in-demand and expensive materials that current batteries require (e.g. lithium-ion batteries).

Further to this, the startup is using AI to help in their research and development of new battery technology.

Google’s Emission-free Energy Experiment

Google requires a lot of energy to run all those data centers. Now, the tech giant has announced a new project in Nevada to harness geothermal energy (from the earth) to generate emissions-free electricity to power their data centers.

China’s Push into Mexico

We’ve written about this before, how Chinese manufacturers are setting up in Mexico to head-off the migration of customers wanting to diversify manufacturing operations outside of China.

By setting up operations in Mexico, they have a backdoor access to the US market even as customers look outside of China for manufacturing.

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