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Amazon Opens Its First Physical Store

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Amazon is one of the best known online retailers on the Internet. They sell everything from books and media to clothing and home décor. When you go to Amazon’s website, you can search for products and then compare prices from several different companies, including the cost of shipping. That’s why Amazon has been so successful — they help you get the best deal. However, Amazon is now venturing from their online space with their first physical store.

Purdue University is the location of Amazon’s physical store. It serves Purdue University students and staff. You can basically do everything at this physical store as you can do at Amazon’s online store. Students can also have items shipped to the Amazon Purdue store and pick them up for free. They just have to use the address “Amazon@Purdue” as the address during checkout. Amazon’s goal was to make their already great services even easier for students to use.

Originally, Amazon was an online book store. Students could buy and sell their textbooks online. Amazon still has this feature and that’s why it makes perfect sense to open a physical store at Purdue University. The physical store makes it easier for students to buy and sell the books they need for school. So, instead of packaging the books and sending them to customers directly, students can take their textbooks to Amazon’s physical store and have everything done for them.

If Amazon’s physical store proves successful at Purdue, they will open other locations. Two possible college locations include the University of California, Davis and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Additionally, Amazon is considering a deal with RadioShack as they file for bankruptcy. Amazon would purchase several RadioShack locations to house their new physical stores. Amazon has been very successful online, but only time will tell if they can successfully master their supply chain in the physical retail space, too.

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