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BC Port workers strike on again, nope, now it’s off, which is it?

BC Port workers on and off strike

The BC port workers strike which had dragged on for over a week, was initially halted, then it was on again, but now it seems it’s supposed to be off again…the Labour Minister of Canada had to step in and declare their on again strike illegal due to not giving proper 72 hour notice.

India says “No rice for you!”

India has banned exports of non-basmati white rice. India is the world’s largest grain exporter. The ban sparks fears of further food inflation. So, if you’re keeping score, there’s no sriracha and now there’s no rice.

This is something AI can’t seem to solve.

Delay with new chip factory

TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co) is delaying the start of production at a newly planned chip factory in Arizona due to labour shortages.

Apple had planned to have their own chips produce out of this factory, so your next iPhone may be delayed.

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