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Canada Rises to the Challenge to Help with Chip Demand

The Shift to EV’s Leaving Some Manufacturing Towns Behind

While some automakers are looking to convert their vehicle manufacturing to producing electric vehicles, some factories just aren’t setup to make the transition resulting in closures and massive layoffs.

The plant closures result in a domino-effect for that town and the vendors who service the plant and the workers who would be working there.

Canada Rises to the Challenge to Help with Chip Demand

As the global demand for semiconductor chips continually increases, the diversification of chip production outside of Asia is continuing its world tour.

Montreal-based semiconductor maker, Spark Microsystems, has raised CAD$34M in financing to help with the global supply of chips.

Slowdown in e-Commerce Hits Logistics Industry

During the pandemic, everyone got over boredom by shopping online. Now that we’re allowed to step out into the sunshine once again and look at our phones in the outdoors, e-commerce sales are suffering.

Resulting in layoffs throughout logistics chains.

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