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Supply Chain Challenges Are Because of This…

Now is the time to buy your Avocado toast

Nothing has signified “luxury” in recent years more than buying avocado toast.

But, as Australian farmers overestimated demand for avocados, they’re now sitting on a surplus of the green buttery fruit putting downward pressure on avocado prices.

Go and stock up on the avocados while you can so can baste in luxury.

Supply Chain Challenges Due to Labor Shortages

As supply chains are still reeling from having everything thrown at them, labor shortages is a big element to the backlog.

The shortage is putting pressure on companies to embrace automation and robots to alleviate the pains of insufficient human capital and all the headaches that might go away with hiring R2-D2 instead of a human.

More Shutdowns in China Lead to More Supply Chain Headaches

A global pandemic wasn’t enough to throw at global supply chains.

Now, as China experience’s record droughts, it’s forcing many factories to shutdown.


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