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Europe Wants the Chips

UPS Avoids Strike

UPS workers avoided a strike by agreeing to a five year deal that includes more pay. Shippers are feeling somewhat relieved to avoid another kick in the gut to supply chains.

Europe Wants the Chips

Now that AI is dominating everything we hear about these days, everyone is in a race to get semiconductor chips.

Not to be outdone by the US chip act, the EU finalized a $47.5b Chips Act, an aggressive objective of producing 20% of the the world’s semiconductor chips by 2030.

Producing Soap Leads to Faster Supply Chain

Bath & Bodyworks’ hand soap used to take 3 months to produce and travel from China, Canada and through Virginia before arriving at their distribution center in Ohio.

In an unprecedented move, Bath & Bodyworks has managed to move EVERY step of their supply chain practically to their Ohio doorstep.

Here’s how.

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