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How Off-the-Shelf Technology Can Be Profitable for Small Manufacturers

Amazon Launches Supply Chain Solution

In its continued race to dominate e-commerce, Amazon announced a new automated supply chain service for sellers aptly named, Supply Chain by Amazon.

The solution offers an end-to-end automated solution to help sellers bring product from manufacturing directly to their customers. (Is it me or did this sound like an ad for Amazon’s Supply Chain service?)

How Off-the-Shelf Technology Can Be Profitable for Small Manufacturers

The latest in technology used to be only reserved for the big and rich manufacturers. But now, with so much off-the-shelf tech providers, even small manufacturers can take advantage of technology solutions to improve profitability.

Tesla Make Manufacturing Breakthrough

Tesla and Elon Musk’s obsession with pushing the envelope of manufacturing has made a major breakthrough.

Tesla’s use of 3D printing has created a new “gigacasting” process where multiple small parts can be made from just one mould. Resulting in a lower cost to manufacture.

Perhaps the promise of that low-cost EV could be on the horizon.

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