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Quintiq Supply Chain Executive Seminar Deemed a Success

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Sixty executives from 29 different companies met June 18 for the Quintiq Supply Chain Executive Seminar. The seminar was hosted by Quintiq, an international leader in SCP&O (supply chain planning and optimizing). The executives in attendance included customers of Qunitiq, as well as some of their technologies and techniques consultants. Attendees shared a background in one of three key supply chain industries: manufacturing, logistics, and the metals industry.

The seminar was an opportunity for these leaders to share how they are effectively growing the industry by using flexible and responsive strategies. Speakers could share what problems they faced and what solutions they used to overcome these issues. The meeting was held at the Hyatt Regency Düsseldorf in Germany.

Several of Quintiq’s high-profile customers gave presentations at the seminar, including SCP&O Vlisco Group, P&O Ferrymasters, Saint-Gobain Glass Logistics, and MCB Nederland. Most of the speakers highlighted how Quintiq was able to solve problems these companies were facing.

Other presentations and demonstrations were offered by industry leaders, consultants to Quintiq, and knowledgable academic experts in the logistics, metals and manufacturing industries. Professor Joachim Schmidt of the University of Applied Sciences in Ludwigshafen gave a presentation entitled, “Supply Chain Vision,” about the future of the industry. He spoke about the difference in the supply chain being robust versus being efficient.

Organizers of the executive seminar hailed the event a success, due to the excellent attendance by industry leaders and because executives left the seminar inspired and energized. The seminar also focused on the latest trends of these industries, and where industry leaders expect these industries to go during the years ahead. The focus was on cutting edge technologies, which should optimize the supply chain in the years to come.

Quintiq focuses on optimizing the use of resources such as personnel and processes to make businesses more efficient and profitable within the supply chain.

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