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The Future of Supply Chain Management Boutique Firms

The Future of Supply Chain Management Boutique Firms
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In recent years, boutique consulting firms have experienced increased success in the supply chain management field. While boutique firms aren’t necessarily small, they typically have a well-defined focus for more industry-specific knowledge and are often more cost-efficient than larger firms.

Supply Chain Visions, Inc., one of the ’10 coolest SCM boutique consultants’ according to ARC Advisory Group, was recently selected by Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support to assess the supply chain system for military apparel. The firm will offer advice on strategy development to improve all aspects of the system. Other firms that made the list are experiencing success as well.

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SCM Boutique Firm Acquired for $35.5 Million

Published in 2007, the 10 Coolest SCM Boutique Consultants  came from an extensive selection process. “We looked at over 1,000 companies’ Internet sites, narrowed that list down to 120 firms that appeared to do the bulk of their consulting in the area of SCM, and have interviewed over 30 Boutiques,” said Steve Banker with ARC Advisory Group. Belgium-based S&V Management made the list for their development of proprietary assessment tools that improve their clients’ success. Satyam Computer Services Ltd purchased the firm, along with their supply chain performance management suite, in 2008 for $35.5 million.

Consulting Firm Goes Global by Narrowing Focus

When ARC named Plan4Demand as one of the coolest SCM boutique consultants, the firm primarily served clients in North America. Today, their client list consists of several global manufacturers, including Del Monte, Crown Imports, Campbell’s, and Leprino Foods. Plan4Demand is also a sought-after contributor at industry related conferences and events. “We attribute this growth to our focus on the food and beverage market space over the last several years; this has created a niche market within our niche in supply chain management consulting services,” said Plan4Demand CEO Lisa Kustra.

From the healthcare industry to government sectors, more agencies are turning to boutique consulting firms to streamline their operations. The future remains promising for specialized supply chain management consultants.[/show_to]

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