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Want a Solid Career Choice? Supply Chain Offers Earning Potential, Job Security, and Much More

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Not long ago, people became supply chain employees through another outlet such as an MBA. Now, more schools are responding to job opportunities in the industry and are offering degree programs to fill the needs within the industry. Businessweek suggests that careers within the supply chain are “the next big thing.” Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting new opportunity.

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What a Degree in Supply Chain Management Can Offer

There are a number of capacities in which you can serve the supply chain because this career path includes every step of a product’s lifespan from conception to the end. Materials schedulers coordinate getting raw materials so production schedules can be met. Production analysts create production schedules and assure there is enough labor to get the job done. Those in logistics assure raw materials are delivered to production, and that the finished products are distributed. The process is complex and ongoing.

In addition to a number of career paths, a degree in supply chain management gives you the ticket to work in one of many of different industries. You might work in cosmetics, household goods, pharmaceuticals, airplane manufacturing, communications equipment, computer production, or industrial equipment.

How Much You Can Earn

One school offering degree programs in supply chain management reports graduates with a bachelor’s degree earn $56,410. This is well above their average bachelor’s graduates’ salaries of $50,098. Students who earn their MBA in supply chain management earn $97,481 per year, well above their average master’s graduates earning $92,556. The school further reports that 97 percent of their graduates have one or more job offers by graduation, with 93 percent accepting an offer by graduation, and 100 percent of their graduates securing a job within three months of graduation.

These statistics don’t just apply to U.S. supply chain management graduates, either. One program in Malaysia sees graduates receive an average of 1.9 job offers, and increase their salaries by 250 percent at the end of their education.

Secure Employment 

Because these graduates are in such high demand, keeping your job is a lot easier. A shortage of highly trained and qualified supply chain managers assures that companies aren’t looking to lay these employees off, and that more companies are out their to snatch up any job candidates in need of employment. In the case of supply chain management, your credentials are your job security. Since the beginning of the economic recovery during 2010, demand for supply chain managers is on the rise. Whether you want to work in Omaha or Indonesia, a degree in supply chain management offers security.

How to Pursue a Degree in Supply Chain Management

Finding a degree program for supply chain management is just like seeking a good institution for any other industry.

  • Compile a lists of schools offering the degree you want.
  • Eliminate any schools that aren’t fully accredited.
  • Find out the school’s success rate.
  • Talk to other students and graduates of the program.
  • Check to see if classes are offered when you can take them.
  • See if you qualify for financial aid.
  • Choose the school that has a good success rate and can meet your own requirements: such as class size and convenient location.

Many experts are calling a degree in supply chain management the “new MBA.” Is this career path right for you? [/show_to]

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