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Can You Spare Some Storage?

Can You Spare Some Storage?


Warehouse space is at a premium now as larger retailers take up warehouse space for their excess inventory.

Resulting in the squeezing out smaller retailers scrambling to find warehouse storage space.

Driverless Delivery Tested in Canada

Canadian grocery giant, Loblaws, has been working with Gatik, to test driverless (autonomous) delivery trucks to make deliveries to various Loblaw locations.

The self-driving vehicles are not being tested for consumer deliveries (yet).

Strong USD Continues to

We mentioned last week how the strong US dollar is wreaking havoc on Asian businesses, well, it looks like other countries didn’t want to be left out on the beating.

As the strong US dollar makes imports of goods cheaper, it’s making US-made goods a helluva lot more expensive.

As a strong dollar is not a good thing for US manufacturers either.

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