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NVIDIA Wants Another Part of the Chip Pie

Renewable Energy Will Generate a Third of World’s Electricity by 2030

As the OG companies of O&G (oil & gas) clamber to get into renewable energy, a new report by non-profit Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) finds that one third of the world’s electricity will be powered by wind and solar by 2030 (that’s very soon for the math challenged).

The report also finds the cost of solar power (one of the biggest obstacles to adoption) could be cut in half by 2030. [via Grit Capital]

NVIDIA Wants Another Part of the Chip Pie

NVIDIA, the powerhouse of chipmakers, is interested in a stake in British chipmaker, ARM’s upcoming IPO. ARM is currently owned by Softbank.

Manufacturing Coming to America

One of my favourite movies of the 80’s was Eddy Murphy’s Coming to America. Now, it looks like manufacturing is also following in Eddy’s footsteps as manufacturing construction in the U.S. continues to hit twenty year highs.

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