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How the Semiconductor Industry is Building Supply Chain Resilience

The UK: “Does Anyone Have Eggs? Asking for a Friend. “

Grocers in the UK are limiting egg sales per customer due to supply issues for eggs.

Egg producers have been facing issues such as:

  • A large avian flu outbreak in the UK resulting the culling of millions of chickens
  • Egg producers are facing skyrocketing energy costs (like the rest of consumers)
  • Chicken feed costs have surged due to the war in Ukraine

How the Semiconductor Industry is Building Supply Chain Resilience

The last few years have exposed a lot of vulnerabilities in supply chains, and none more than the semiconductor business.

Majority of the global semiconductor chips are produced in Asia, which is proven to be a bottleneck with COVID restrictions and supply chain backlogs.

To build resiliency in the semiconductor industry, chip makers are investing in reshoring production to diversify from putting all their eggs in one basket.

COVID Restrictions in China Causes Unrest

China’s continued zero-COVID policy is causing unrest amongst the population and the latest protests at a large iPhone factory will affect supply of iPhones for the holiday season.

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