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Nordstrom Tests Curbside Pickup

Nordstrom Tests Curbside Pickup
Image via Flickr by Mike Kalasnik

Most major retail stores also have online stores where customers can buy products. However, many customers still prefer to shop in a physical retail space so that they do not have to pay for shipping. Nordstrom is trying a new strategy where customers can buy products online and then select “curbside pickup. This allows customers to avoid shipping costs and instead pick their items up from Nordstrom on their own. It is a new trend that many retail stores are adopting, including big names like Wal-Mart and Amazon.

The curbside pickup service at Nordstrom is only available at one store right now, but the giant retailer plans to expand the curbside program if it is successful in their pilot store in Seattle. All customers have to do when they arrive to pick up their items is call the store or send a text message, and a store associate will deliver the items to the customer’s car.

Jamie Nordstrom, President of stores at Nordstrom said, “We’re trying to make shopping more convenient. In the past, we’ve made people come all the way up to the back of the third floor.” Of course, there will still be customers that want to come in and try things on, but the curbside pickup expedites the shopping process for customers that don’t have a lot of time to walk around a big store to shop for clothing and other items.

Nordstrom has also been focusing on technology, and they launched a new online Nordstrom Rack shop last year. In the future, curbside pickup could be a built-in feature of their mobile app. Additionally, Nordstrom may create designated parking for curbside pickup customers.

Offering curbside pickup is convenient for customers, and it also saves them money on shipping, especially when ordering large items that would cost a lot to ship. The only thing Nordstrom needs to worry about is competition from retail stores that offer free shipping.

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