Is Centralized Supply Chain Management a Global Solution?

One of the biggest debates in the world of supply chain management is whether it’s better to centralize or decentralize procurement and logistics operations. Greenland Contractors, in charge of daily operations at Thule Air Base, entered a partnership with Arctic Import of North Denmark that will streamline their contracts.


Is the Procurement Industry Destined for Corruption?

“Vast amounts of money, combined with a secretive purchasing process, can be a formula for corruption.” Zachary Mehan, a communications assistant at the Transparency International Defence and Security Programme, made this statement in reference to government defence procurement, but it can easily refer to all sectors of the procurement industry.

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New Arlington County Procurement Guidelines Open the Door for PPPs

The Columbia Pike streetcar project was the focus of many debates among residents and officials in Arlington, VA when it was first proposed. The $249 million transit system will offer transportation between Bailey’s Crossroads in Fairfax and Pentagon City. With the project approved, the next step was to begin the procurement process. Rather than the…

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China’s 4th Offer Still Unacceptable to Government Procurement Agreement Members

The biggest challenges that government procurement agencies face at any level are corruption and discrimination. On a global level, transparency and fairness standards are even harder to agree upon. The World Trade Organization created the first Agreement on Government Procurement in 1981 to make a set of globally accepted rules for international procurement.


The Future of Supply Chain Management Boutique Firms

In recent years, boutique consulting firms have experienced increased success in the supply chain management field. While boutique firms aren’t necessarily small, they typically have a well-defined focus for more industry-specific knowledge and are often more cost-efficient than larger firms. Supply Chain Visions, Inc., one of the ’10 coolest SCM boutique consultants’ according to ARC…

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Can Watchdog Coalition End Corruption in Public Procurement?

Transparency in public sector procurement is a challenge around the world. Legislation is in place in many countries to encourage responsible government spending on public services. In some places, private coalitions are forming to make sure that these laws are upheld. Most recently, Tanzania Contract Monitoring Coalition (TCMC) launched in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa.

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Procurement Integrity Violations Cost Contractor $60,000

Questionable activities were commonplace in the procurement industry long before the Procurement Integrity Act passed in the late 80s. From small-scale construction projects to multimillion dollar research and development proposals, there have been cases of espionage, bid tampering, and similar crimes. Penalties are harsh at any level, but contractors and procurement professionals working with federal…